Who is Chris?

At the risk of being labeled a narcissist, here’s my bio page with a recent picture.  

LinkedIn Profile Pic

If you’re hunting professional qualifications you’ll want to move on over to my LinkedIn profile where you can find out more about what I’ve done not so much as to who a I am.  I’ve been actively and professionally engaged in instrument development for a few years with most of my focus in the areas of mass spectrometry, ion mobility, and portable trace detection.  But that’s really not WHO I am.

At my core I’m an idea guy with a love for new technology.  I’ve always believed that there was a distinct difference between what’s neat and what’s useful.  Neat things come in all manner of packaging and can do some amazing things.  A small fraction of those neat things become useful things and actually solve problems and do good.  That’s the kind of project I enjoy the most.  Taking some neat new technologies and using them to make something that solves a problem.  Something that makes someone’s life better in some way.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good academic problem to tackle.  I enjoy unraveling mysteries to find the truth and when I do, I pause to take a moment, at the end of the process and revel in the fact that I worked to understand a little part of the amazing world we live in.  The truth is a neat thing.  What you do with it makes it useful.

I want to find neat technologies and ideas; then make them useful with some creative ideas.

Projects and reflections of a researcher