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More Wine! (and it’s FREE)

Who can resist a great wine?

But you’ve been there in the wine shop staring at the bottles trying to somehow figure out what’s in the bottle, is it really great, and how well it will go with your planned dinner tonight.  And wines change year to year, sometimes even case to case.  So how can we overcome that?  How can we be sure what we’re bringing home is good?  It’s not like you can just pop open a bottle in a store and have a taste.  Or can you?

Yes I’m talking about wine tasting and I just had the good fortune to go to Acton Wine & Spirits Grand Wine Tasting.  Every fall near the beginning of November Acton Wine & Spirits invites wine merchants from near and far to their store for an incredible tasting event.  This year was no different.  There were wines from around the world that could
tempt even the most discerning consumer.  No fewer than twelve tables with over one-hundred wines were available.

If that wasn’t enough, Not Your Average Joe’s, located just a couple doors down provided some snacks (yes they brought that amazing bread) to tasters.  I’m a firm believer that great wine should have some great finger food as a side and this fit that bill.

Wine tasting (and this is one of my favorites) is a perfect example of how to get more.  First, you get to try before you buy.  Only makes sense right?  And when you find a wine, or a region, or a brand you enjoy you can make an informed buying choice
knowing you’ll enjoy what’s in the bottle.  Wine isn’t cheap and every time you pull a bottle from the shelf you make at least one wager but probably several.  Will it be good?  Will it go with your meal?  Tasting offers you a chance to mitigate those risks as well as try wines that you might not normally take a risk on at the moment of truth when you’re shopping.

Oh and did I mention everything was 10% off and if you bought 12 bottles or more everything was 25% off?  In this case you get more of what you enjoy for your dollar as well.

Who can resist a great wine that you’ve tasted recently and you were able to buy at a discount?  Certainly not me.  Now the real question:  where to put all this wine?