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Bosa Donuts – The best donuts in Arizona (yes.. really)!

Recently on a visit to TechShop in Chandler, I noticed a box near the front desk proclaiming “Bosa Donuts Best Donuts in Arizona.”  As a long time donut lover who is VERY critical about them, this almost screamed at me like a challenge.

Intrigued, I asked the folks working at the desk about the place and they confirmed that not only were they really good but they were just a few blocks away.  This was clearly a challenge.

Leaving TechShop that day, I put Bosa on my mental to do checklist for the next time that sweet tooth strikes and I’m craving something 2014-05-09 19.11.42completely horrible for me.  About a week or so later the opportunity came up and I made the trip to Bosa at the corner or Ray and Arizona.  From the outside the place doesn’t look like much but I did notice the claim that they were the “Best Donuts in Chandler” and they were open 24/7.  They also have a drive through but it’s located on the right side of the building unlike most fast food drive throughs.  So with an open mind, I walked into the shop that makes the best donuts in Chandler and apparently Arizona.

Challenge accepted.

The inside of Bosa isn’t exciting or memorable in the least.  As you enter, immediately in front of you is an 8 foot long glass case filled with donuts and other assorted baked good.  To the right a small double cooler with all the drinks you’d expect to see in a donut shop.  There are a few booths in the area with limited seating but I immediately got the feeling this was a grab and go type of shop.  I gave the menu a quick look more out of habit than interest because my attention was focused on the glass case showing off the baked goods.  The shop had the distinct smell of something freshly baked and I noticed the prep area that was almost out of view where they made the donuts.

A good number of different donuts and pastries were on display, and I asked about the ones I didn’t immediately recognize.  The woman helping me was very helpful and told me what I needed to know so I could make a proper selection.  My inner child wanted to just order one of everything but I knew I couldn’t afford all the calories and I certainly couldn’t eat donuts for 4 days straight.  Well, I could but.. yeah.2014-05-09 19.12.06

The first thing that struck me as I was looking through the glass was the size of the donuts and pastries.  Much larger than chain donut shop offerings by about 30% or more.  I picked a half dozen of my favorites and they were packaged in a simple bakery style box.  I was out the door for less than a dollar a per donut.

I drove home before sampling the lot.  The drive was short but filled with temptation.

When I reached home I started to sample my picks and they tasted2014-05-09 19.22.53 every bit as good as they looked.  Fresh and soft, they almost melt in your mouth as you eat them with a perfect balance of sweetness.  I tried a few that day (and went back a few times to try the ones I overlooked on that first day) and the consistency and quality have been very high on every trip.  The buttermilk donut is not to be missed.  Simple but delicious.  The apple fritter was possibly the best I’ve ever bought at a shop.  The filled donuts had a generous amount of filling unlike commercial chain stores.

The real value proposition Bosa brings is large, fresh, consistently delicious donuts for about the same price (or less) you would pay in the chain shops.  The location I visited is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There are several locations in the valley as well.

The best donuts in Chandler?  Yes.

The best donuts in Arizona?  So far, yes.

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