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Beautiful Chaos

As many of you know I’m a huge fan of the Leap Motion Controller.  I’m convinced that as we move forward we’ll find new and creative ways to interact with our computer through interfaces that are more interesting than ever present mouse.  The Leap Motion Controller is one of those new interfaces.  BeautifulChaos_1398758837

One of the applications you can pick up on the Leap Motion Airspace Store is “Beautiful Chaos” by Nathan Selikoff, and it really lives up to it’s name.  The interface is deceptively simple but the images created are incredibly complex.  Approximately a million points will shift, swirl and dart around your screen, directed by your hands and their interaction with the Leap.  One hand controls the cloud of chaos while the other controls the camera angle.BeautifulChaos_1398762532

Advanced controls allow you to refine the appearance of the chaos, the colors, and other creation settings.  When you create an image you just pull your hands out of the Leap’s field and the Chaos pauses for you to examine.  You can apply some of the tools at this point to recolor, rotate, move, adjust the opacity, increase the fading, or tweak the exposure and gamma settings.  Of course you can save the images to enjoy later.

Sometimes when you capture an image you’re really pleased with you can step back and edit using the advanced controls to achieve two completely different, but equally pleasing images.  The two images below are examples of this.  The vibrant colors really shine on both black and white background.

BeautifulChaos_1398764255 BeautifulChaos_1398764261








This application delivers a fun user experience blending artful creativity and complex mathematical formulas to create stunning futuristic images.  I’m still experimenting with all the methods of creation and I’ve spent more time than I care to admit listening to music and waving my hands over the leap to create some intricate images.

Some of these images made their way into this blog as the top banner image.  I’ve set it to rotate randomly through different banners I created from images I’ve created with Beautiful Chaos.

Check out the YouTube Video the author created.

What do you think about Beautiful Chaos and the Leap Motion Controller?  Have you used the Leap for something creative like this?  What do you think of the images?   Leave your feedback here or drop me an email at [email protected] this blog’s url and let me know. Finally (and most importantly) sign up for my mailing list to keep in contact with me and the projects I’m pursuing. I promise no spam, just periodic updates on the projects I’m working on and topics related to them.