Project Purple Sunset

What is project Purple Sunset?

Simply put Purple Sunset will explore how games can address and help to solve problems.

I put forth the following logical progression for Project Purple Sunset.

  1. In the past century, due to technological advancements, a larger fraction of humans on earth have their basic needs met.
  2. With basic needs met, humans try to meet secondary needs like satisfaction, social belonging, and happiness.
  3. With basic needs met, leisure time has increased.
  4. This increase creates a market for entertainment items.
  5. This market has grown as leisure time globally has grown and because of the nature has become competitive.
  6. This competition has forced leisure activities to become very engaging.
  7. The level of engagement in leisure activities has increased faster than the level of engagement in work activities.
  8. People enjoy leisure activities much more than work.
  9. People tend to engage at a high level in leisure activities.
  10. If we can tap the time people spend engaged in leisure activities to add to workforce productivity gains can be realized.
  11. There exist a number of game designers that create engaging games for a variety of platforms with existing distribution networks.
  12. The challenge exists in creating an effective interface between real world problems and problem solvers and the engaged leisure workforce.

What the project will focus on is exploring the logical progression put forth as well as games that address real world problems and move them towards a solution.

I don’t plan to provide all the answers myself.  I’m going to reach out to experts in the social sciences, the gaming industry, and real world researches with real problems that are turning to games and gamers to find solutions.  And last but certainly not least I’m going to turn to my readers to provide feedback and opinions to help fuel the journey.

I’ll continue to update this page as posts are made and opinions formed.  Stay tuned.

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