Project Lite Pak

The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being. – Socrates 

While I won’t walk the path of philosophy too far, I think this quote from the Greek philosopher has some special meaning for me as an analytical scientist.  I’ll even add to the quote by saying not only might the unexamined life be not worth living but it might be dangerous as well.

Simply put, Project Lite Pak is focused on the development of low cost, field deployable sensors and the interpretation of the data from those sensors to improve the quality of life.

  1. Continued technological advancements in conjunction with low cost manufacturing has enabled the production of low cost sensors that can provide useful data to end users about a variety of environmental variables.
  2. If the cost of the sensor is sufficiently low, an array of sensors can be deployed to collect a larger data set and/or monitor a larger area for a reasonable cost.
  3. Interpretation of the data from these sensor arrays can be performed by expert systems to provide actionable information which can improve the quality of life.
  4. Access to expert systems is now easier than ever with increases in networking connectivity and cloud based computing solutions.
  5. Providing useful and actionable information allows us to make better choices and improve the quality of life for ourselves and those around us.

I’ve been interested in low cost sensor development for a while.  I’ll be adding more details about that here.  There might be some reviews, some development and testing, and finally some case studies.  The goal is to live a slightly more examined life while helping people and businesses make better choices.

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