Project Green Parrot

What is project Green Parrot?

Technology is a wonderful thing sometimes and Green Parrot is a prime example of it.  This project is going to explore the technology that enables the average consumer with a few dollars and a smart phone or tablet to fly an unmanned drone.

  1. Recent advances in technology have made the control of drone platforms very easy.
  2. Drones have been proven in the military sector for information gathering and weapons platforms.
  3. The drone technology originally developed for military use has slowly migrated to the civilian sector and is available to the consumer in a limited package.
  4. The potential uses for drone technology in the civilian sector are still developing and expanding.

I’m going to explore the physical drones themselves, the control packages and the possible uses that the average person might have for flying an unmanned drone.  I don’t claim to have all the answers so I’m going to reach out to other pilots, material scientists, techies and flight enthusiasts.  Of course I’m going to ask for input from my readers to provide feedback and opinions to help fuel the journey.

I’ll continue to update this page as posts are made and opinions formed.  Stay tuned.

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