Project More!

What is project More! all about?

Simply put More! is all about getting more in your life.  Getting more done, getting more value for your dollar, and enjoying life more.

Innovative technology is a wonderful thing but until it can be leveraged to solve problem it’s just something “neat” to enjoy.  When that technology solves a problem and makes someone’s life better it becomes “useful.”  There are a lot of neat things that have never become useful and there are a lot of useful things that really aren’t all that neat.

I want Project More to focus on neat AND useful things.  Products, services, and ideas for individuals and businesses.

I’ll be sharing technology, methodology, philosophy along with a little humor as I try to find more for my dollar, get more done in less time, and be a better person. I think we need More! in our lives. I think we all deserve More! in our lives. I’ll be trying to bring More! to you. I hope you enjoy it.

Projects and reflections of a researcher