What’s Chris Flying?

Hey I’m glad you asked!

So recently since the weather has taken a turn for the better in my geographical location, I’ve been out at the local park doing some flying.  Most of my efforts are to get better at flying and trying to push my platform to see where the limits are.  No, I will not show you the crash videos!  Almost every outing I pull in a small group of people who watch the flight or have questions on what I’m flying and how I’m controlling the UAV.

I enjoy answering the questions and passing the time chatting but I thought they are all asking the same questions and I can condense them down into, “What’s Chris flying?”

Let me help you with that!  I put a new page in the Project Green Parrot menu up there at the top where I’ll be updating my flight gear including what I’m flying, any mods I’m using, what software I’m controlling with, and hyperlinks to the vendors I’ve used for parts and upgrades.  Of course I’ll be updating that page as my platform changes.

I’ve done a lot of research picking through links and vendors and products so I might as well share that with you so you don’t have to spend the same time I did (although I’d encourage you to educate yourself anyway – just start with my links to get a head start).

What do you think about the What’s Chris flying feature?  Valuable information?  Need more details?   Leave your feedback here or drop me an email at [email protected] this blog’s url and let me know.  Finally (and most importantly) sign up for my mailing list to keep in contact with me and the projects I’m pursuing.  I promise no spam, just periodic updates on the projects I’m working on and topics related to them.

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